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The espressivo system offers an exciting novel approach to electric key action eliminating the headaches of mechanical contacts while offering amazing new musical possibilities. For the first time, the organ sound can be controlled by key velocity through dynamic couplers which engage in response to the players‘ expression.


The system was developed in cooperation with Dr. Scriba, Orgelpunkt®


Market launch will be in 2014.


unique cost-saving design:

• one single standard cable (Ethernet type) per keyboard

• 30 min installation

• exceptionally easy to retrofit

• individual key adjustment by software without mechanical

   access to contacts


unique mechanical features:

• fixed to the balance rail for maximum stability

• compatible with all types of keyboards

• fits all keyboard spacings


unique electronic features:

• magnetic sensing immune to dust and corrosion

• integrated standard midi interface

• high speed midi-over-IP Ethernet interface

• midi velocity information for external sound generators

• perfect syncing of speak points between electric and tracker action



unique musical features:

• dynamic couplers for expressive play

• new tonal control without modifications of the instrument

• detection of key velocity without compromising speak point


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